DIY Coffee M ug

After finding this idea on a blog called Our Humble A{Bowe}d, I knew I had to try this. I'm a coffee and tea lover and I absolutely love buying unique coffee mugs. Andrew and I are growing quite a collection.

Here is the website I found more information on the paint.

What you will need:

Coffee mug ( I bought mine at the Dollar Tree. Oh yes I did!!!)
Pebeo Porcelaine 150 ( I used a mixture of the outliner in Anthracite and the Transparent in Anthracite)
Any templates of your choice (or your free hand if you are talented, which I'm not...lol)
Thin paint brushes

I made sure my surface was clean by wiping with alcohol. I traced the lettering with a pencil and tracing paper. When I was done I flipped and traced over what I had just done. I cut out the paper and taped where I wanted it and then traced over again with a pencil. This leaves a pencil marking on the mug. I'm not a painter so I did my best. It was very transparent so after I few minutes I went over it again. Once it was completely dry I did the dots. You probably can't tell but the mug has these pretty rivets. I wasn't planning on it but I thought why not.

I printed out a chair template off of the computer and traced it the same. This time I didn't have to do the backside since both sides are the same. I placed it where I wanted it ( which I thought it looked unique on the side) taped and traced. Painted the same as the lettering and did a second coat after drying.

24 hours to dry. Next day, bake at 300 degree for 30 minutes. Cool and there you have it!

Thanks to Our Humble  A {Bowe}d for such a great idea!

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  1. Your mug looks great! Glad you found some inspiration!! Thanks for the shout out, too.